Top 10 Must Visit Destinations For 2019

Top 10 Must Visit Destinations For 2019

A new year is the perfect time to plan a wonderful trip to explore, relax and have fun all around the world. If you want to travel but you are still a little bit doubtful regarding the perfect travel destination for you here are the top 10 must visit destinations for 2019 for a trip to remember! Many of them are real hidden gems, overrated travel destinations that will be able to show you a different side of the world. Let’s get started!

Photo By     Nick K.

Photo By Nick K.

#1. Copenhagen, Denmark

First in the ranking among the top 10 cities to visit, there is Copenhagen which has been defined as one of the trendiest capitals in Europe. The urban street food scene triumphs in Refshaleøen, here a former shipyard has been converted into a food market, the Reffen. The Dansk Arkitektur Center has moved into the BLOX cultural center designed by Rem Koolhaas, while the completion of the Cityringen metro line will make traveling around the city easier.

Photo by     Denys N.

Photo by Denys N.

#2. Shēnzhèn, China

Did you know that Shēnzhèn is the Chinese Silicon Valley? It is located further north of the border between Hong Kong and mainland China and recalls the creatives of the world, the merit is of the new centers of design and technological innovation. Shēnzhèn is a great travel destination for another reason as today it boasts an interesting scene of indie music, trendy cafes, craft breweries and an arts district built from old warehouses. The Design Society, the Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition (MOCAPE) and the OCT Loft cultural center have been inaugurated in the last three years.


#3. Kakslauttanen resort

If you are a winter wonderland lover you must visit the Kakslauttanen Resort in Finland. This resort is the perfect place to cozy up, relax and take in the amazing views of all Finland has to offer. If you are lucky, you’ll see a spectacular light show known as the Aurora Borealis.

Photo by     Josh G.

Photo by Josh G.

#4. Miami, Florida

In recent years, Miami has been transformed into an art center and a hub of innovation in urban design. In Downtown Miami you will find a $305 million science museum, while the Design District has become a cultural attraction thanks to new and beautiful buildings like the Museum Garage and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Via     Unsplash

#5. Kathmandu, Nepal

After the violent earthquake of 2015, Kathmandu looks forward with great works of reconstruction and renewal. Historic sites are returning to their former glory and effective measures have been taken to reduce traffic, smog and noise. Kathmandu is today a city more livable than in recent decades.

Photo by     Spencer W.

Photo by Spencer W.

#6. tulum, mexico

Tulum is one of those places that, although it has become very touristy over the years, has not lost its charm. In fact, despite the density of tourists and vacationers who animate the streets of the center, and the beaches of its golden coast, there is something in Tulum that affects anyone who comes there. Will it be the romantic Mayan ruins overlooking the sea? Will it be the mysterious cenotes so numerous around the city? Or will it be the sun that shines here for most of the year, illuminating this place full of highlights, culture and unique history? A trip there will give you all this and so much more!

Photo by     Candré M.

Photo by Candré M.

#7. venice, italy

Venice has always been considered one of the most visited and most loved Italian travel destinations. The greatest peculiarity of the city in question, is that of being a city of art completely on the water, a feature that has always fascinated millions of people since the time of Napoleon. Rich in islands that emerge from the water, Venice conquers for the beauty of its small hidden corners or for its many streets and canals that reveal to those who live it, the treasures that it hides. A top must visit destination for 2019 for a romantic and unique Italian experience. 

Photo by     Nitish M.

Photo by Nitish M.

#8. seattle, United States

Seattle is always a good idea, but there is something new in 2019. Amazon has radically transformed a large slice of the Denny Triangle, creating a business district packed with innovative skyscrapers. Nearby, the Space Needle has undergone the most extensive renovation of the last 50 years, while on the waterfront a modern tunnel has replaced an ugly concrete highway.

Photo by     Sidharth B.

Photo by Sidharth B.

#9. Zadar, Croatia

The Croatian city has risen from the ashes and has re-become a cosmopolitan city. Walking through the Old Town, you will discover bars, cafes, ancient Roman ruins, innovative museums and amazing food. In Zara, the best highlight is the seafront promenade, where residents and tourists gather to listen to the melodies of the Sea Organ or to admire the hypnotic lights of the Greeting to the Sun.


#1o. Meknès, Morocco

There are not only Fez and Marrakech. The next destination of Morocco is Meknes In the heart of the city, the mausoleum of Ismail is a newly restored treasure; one more reason to visit this underrated city.

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