Maldives: travel guide

Maldives: travel guide

Known as a versatile destination for all kinds of travelers, the Maldives are an incredible place to visit for anyone seeking a bit of adventure.

One beautiful thing about the Maldives is that it is an incredible budget traveler destination. Although the resorts are expensive, the country recently opened up its tourism, giving room for locals to build their guesthouse at a subsidized rate.

With over 1000 islands, this dream destination is known for its luxury bungalows, palm trees, turquoise waters, sandy and pristine beaches.

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what can i do in the maldives?

There are tons of activities to do in the Maldives that will leave you amazed, while you are a guest at this paradise, it is important to relax, feel free and explore the scuba and snorkeling sites, the underwater restaurants, and underwater species. Here are top 6 things to do when visiting the Maldives.


1. Snorkeling

The Maldives is made up of 1,000 coral Islands which makes it a perfect destination for snorkeling. However, you will have to choose an island with an in-house reef where you can go snorkeling. A lot of people prefer Angsana Ihuru, in North Male Atoll, which has the best in-house reef in the Maldives and the resort can easily be reached by speedboat from Male. Other luxury resorts with outstanding in-house reefs are Fihalhohi Island Resort, Diamonds Athuruga, Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa, Mirihi Island Resort, as well as Lily Beach Resort all located in South Ari Atoll.


2. Take a dolphin spotting trip

The Maldives has been ranked as the world top destination for dolphin spotting. Dolphins are everywhere on the Maldives. There so many resorts in the Maldives that offer dolphin spotting trips, such as Medhufushi Island Resort and Hakuraa Hura.

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3. Have an underwater meal

The world’s first all-glass underwater restaurant is in the Maldives. Conrad Rangali’s Ithaa is an underwater restaurant that houses: a gourmet European menu, the largest wine cellar in the Maldives, and a serving set courses for lunch and dinner. 


4. Watch the marine life species underwater

The most common sights in resorts in the Maldives are marine life species – which are thousands in number in the area. Curious stingrays are very popular species amongst their contemporaries. You can watch a casual feeding at a good distance to ensure you don’t expose yourself to their stingers. You will find them shuffling along in shallow waters. A specifically safe and educational angle in the resort is the Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru hotel. As part of the interactive marine lab of the hotel, a jetty is available for people who will love to catch wind of the nightly stingray feedings.


05. Scuba Diving

The fact that there is a rich ecosystem in the Maldives makes it appealing for diving. Whether you are an amateur or an expert diver, you can go scuba diving to watch a spectrum of colorful fish, beautiful coral, and other sea creatures such as conch, shy clams, lobsters, puffers, and eels. You should stay at a spot that is close to the best diving sites if you are a beginner.


06. swim with whale sharks

Some of the Maldives’ sea giants such as whale sharks and large manta rays are great sites to behold underwater. If you haven’t gone snorkeling before, this is a great opportunity. The underwater experience with the marine life is relatively indescribable yet immersive. The surreal feeling of getting lost in a school of massive sea creatures can be overwhelming. While it may leave you breathless and humble in a great way, you will always yearn for more.


Finally, if you are seeking for a perfect and luxurious destination for your honeymoon, next vacation or adventure, Maldives should be your next point of call. Truly, the Maldives will convene you to a place where dreams come true.

For as little as an hour spent on the Maldives, you can be a proud owner of an island.

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