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Planning a trip to Santorini? Here are just a few of the many things you can do while visiting this beautiful island.


Known as the Crown Jewel of Greece, Santorini is a magical island that is full of charm and mystery. It is the only island with more donkeys than people, more wine than water, and more churches than houses.

The island is surrounded by hundreds of white-washed houses, a volcanic cliff, and the rich, blue Mediterranean ocean that complements the blue domes of the churches. It is indeed a sight to behold.


we’ve CURATED a short list of things you can do while on your trip.


1. Explore on ATVs

The best way to explore the island is to go cruising down the road using ATVs, which are inexpensive and only requires a regular license. Driving through the island using an ATV is a great way to discover areas that may not be accessible by bus. However, if you are scared of driving on the busy road, you can head towards the black sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa.


2. Visit kamari beach

The Kamari beach is a black pebble beach framed by the jagged cliffs of Messa Buono and the crystal clear waters of Aegean. There are lots of shopping malls, restaurants, bustling avenues, and thatched umbrellas to rest when you’re tired. The calm environment of the beach makes it a perfect destination for your honeymoon.


3. stay at the vista hotels

Known as the leader in the Santorini hospitality industry, Aqua Vista Hotels is a five star boutique with incredible views and excellent reputation. At the Aqua Vista hotel, you have an opportunity to taste amazing Greek dishes, have a view of Santorini, and relax while on your vacation.


4. Go cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay

If you are someone who enjoys cliff jumping and a adrenaline rush, then visiting Amoudi Bay is a must. The incredible swimming spot at Amoudi Bay is surrounded by the crystal clear Mediterranean waters, you can either swim straight off the rocks or climb up the stairs of the massive boulder.


5. Hike the Fira Trail

Hiking the Fira Trail is a must for anyone who wants to capture tons of beautiful photographs while on vacation. The best time to go for a hike is at sunset when you can get some beautiful photos to post on your social media pages!


6. stay in a cave house

A cave house is the perfect spot to stay while on vacation at Santorini. There are tons of different cave houses to choose from across the island. They offer the best sunrise and sunset views anywhere that you can’t beat! It is also a great location for anyone who wants to stay in a quiet environment while on your vacation.


7. go on a wine tour

Santorini is known as a home to some amazing wineries. Therefore, your trip to this fantastic island will be incomplete without sampling the island’s finest wine selections. If you want to have the first-hand experience, take a sunset wine tour where you will have the privilege of tasting at least 12 wines and visiting three traditional wineries.


Finally, if you’re a nature lover looking for a magical island for your next vacation, then Santorini is a must visit for you!


It is indeed a place like no other with a fun-loving population, a friendly atmosphere, an eternity of sunshine, and beautiful beaches!


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